"Launch X was an incredible experience for me and has already shown its value in making my company more likely to succeed. The experience was structured as a boot camp for pitching and learning about venture capital -- it was everything I needed to feel well equipped to understand how to raise funds, and present myself and my company to investors. We had real, no-holds-barred workshops with VC's and founders in addition to one-on-one time with Anna Khan, the program's amazing organizer and founder. The icing on the cake was being able to meet and bond with other women in the program. The size of our class allowed us to get to know each other really well. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with the group, and building relationships with the speakers."

- Aniyia Williams, Launch X SF Fellow 

"Anna and Launch X did for me more in five weeks than living, working and breathing technology for the past 20 years. Even though I have had amazing experience building great companies from the ground up like Twitter and YouTube, I still didn't know how to pitch myself or my company in front of investors. The intimate chats with prominent VC's and entrepreneurs, alongside the frank discussions we had as female founders, elevated my confidence and greatly improved my pitch. No book or private coaching could have done what Launch X did - create a wealth of knowledge, insights and friendships that can never be replaced. Go Anna! You're a rock star."

- Laura Gomez, Launch X SF Fellow

"Launch X was amazing and truly exceeded my expectations! There are a lot of startup programs out there for founders, but none are like this.  We were in a small, intimate group of ten incredibly impressive female founders, every one of whom I am proud to now call my friends and supporters. The quality of the speakers at our intimate workshops was top notch. I would have never gotten this kind of access to top VCs, entrepreneurs and advisors without this program. The speakers gave us the inside track on mistakes they see entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them, and what is really going through their head when you pitch to them.  I felt comfortable asking all of the questions I had about my business and the nebulous fundraising process... my REAL questions! I came out of this program with a killer pitch, a great network and several investor meetings lined up. I have to add that Anna Khan is amazing - she is incredibly insightful and gave us straight feedback. She has tons of experience from working at at top VC firm in the valley and has seen hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs and pitches. I am so glad to have her as a friend and mentor. Trust me, you want her on your team."

- McCall Volum, Launch X SF Fellow